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Idris Ash Nazril, Nama Pilihan Sazzy Falak Untuk Anak Angkat

Sedap nama tu!



Pelakon dan pengacara Sazzy Falak sebelum ini pernah mengumumkan mengambil seorang bayi lelaki untuk dijadikan anak angkat.

Berita gembira itu telah dikongsikan pada 16 Mac lalu kepada peminat.

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Introducing our newest lil member of the family. Just a little over a month ago, we made one of the biggest decision together as a family… to adopt and welcome this lil bub into our clan. Well, our girls @imaanlilytiararose had no arguments whatsoever and was more than ready to have him join the family. But hubby and I obviously had a couple of serious chats, thoroughly discussing every detail we could think of . Suffice to say, it was not a quick and simple decision for us to make. I really had to think things through. Many things ran through my mind and my emotions were all over the place. I had fear of course, as to whether I’m able to be a good mom to this lil baby . However, as fate would have it, this boy kept coming back to us. As if Allah were showing us signs that he belonged to our little family . Say hello to Idris. If you can, send him and us a little prayer for us too 💜 . Now that we’ve introduced him properly. I’ll be posting more updates on how our family has been handling this welcoming of Idris, and the sweet joys as well as challenges we’ve been facing

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Bukan hanya peminat, tetapi kehadiran si comel Idris itu juga amat bermakna dan dinanti-nantikan dua anak kembar perempuannya, Imaan Lily dan Tiara Rose yang berusia 9 tahun.

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Sharing some videos I took of the the day we welcomed Idris. I had to pick my second daughter from tuition and she had no idea that that was the day we were welcoming Idris, or that I was finally going through with it. Neither did Imaan but she was only back from school a little later, her surprise is shown later in the video. Both their reactions were priceless. You see, for the past week prior to that day, the two girls had literary been bugging me every single day about “the baby”. And all the while I never really gave them a definite answer. I had considerations… and was scared of making the wrong decision. I was blessed though, because I had my mama, and Amee be with me the whole time I needed to make that decision. In fact, Amee dropped everything to be with me that day. Something that I will always cherish. Her sacrifice came with a condition, that she was to be Godmom to Idris.. something I readily agreed! 😄 Family members came to excitedly welcome him. My longest friend Fino came rushing too. I see many have asked about the adoption process. We are still going through it. We can only legally adopt Idris after two years of fostering. Can’t wait for the day to come. What I did mostly was that I googled for every information possible, and of course asked friends and acquaintances for advice as well. More posts coming up of course.. it’ll take some time though. I do have a newborn to handle after all 😆😉

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Menerusi laman Instagram Sazzy pada 3 April, isteri kepada Nazril Idrus itu berkongsi satu lagi berita gembira apabila mendedahkan nama penuh Idris.

Idris Ash Nazril, sedap kan namanya?

Pilihan nama ‘Ash’ itu juga mungkin sebagai memperingati arwah pelakon Ashraf Sinclair yang meninggal dunia pada 18 Februari lalu akibat serangan jantung, yang merupakan sahabat karib kepada Sazzy.

Semoga Idris Ash membesar dengan baik dan mendapat kasih sayang sepenuhnya.

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