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Sazzy Falak Ambil Anak Angkat

Hello Idris!



Boleh dikatakan ramai juga selebriti popular Malaysia yang mengambil anak angkat.

Antaranya Stacy, Hael Husaini, Erma Fatima, Sufian Suhaimi dan Hafiz Hamidun.

Kini, giliran pelakon dan pengacara, Sazzy Falak pula yang mengumumkan telah mengambil seorang anak angkat lelaki diberi nama Idris.

Berita gembira itu dikongsikan menerusi laman Instagram miliknya pada 16 Mac lalu.

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Introducing our newest lil member of the family. Just a little over a month ago, we made one of the biggest decision together as a family… to adopt and welcome this lil bub into our clan. Well, our girls @imaanlilytiararose had no arguments whatsoever and was more than ready to have him join the family. But hubby and I obviously had a couple of serious chats, thoroughly discussing every detail we could think of . Suffice to say, it was not a quick and simple decision for us to make. I really had to think things through. Many things ran through my mind and my emotions were all over the place. I had fear of course, as to whether I’m able to be a good mom to this lil baby . However, as fate would have it, this boy kept coming back to us. As if Allah were showing us signs that he belonged to our little family . Say hello to Idris. If you can, send him and us a little prayer for us too 💜 . Now that we’ve introduced him properly. I’ll be posting more updates on how our family has been handling this welcoming of Idris, and the sweet joys as well as challenges we’ve been facing

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Untuk rekod, Sazzy dan Nazril telah mendirikan rumah tangga pada 2006 dan dikurniakan dua cahaya mata kembar Iman Lily dan Tiara Rose yang berusia 9 tahun.

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