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Yuna Papar Semangat Perpaduan Kaum Dalam Muzik Video Baharu

Macamni la yang kita mahu!



Dalam kehidupan seharian, manusia amat memerlukan hiburan. Tak kiralah menerusi drama, filem mahupun lagu.

Tapi perasan tak, sesebuah karya itu sebenarnya sangat power kerana mereka mampu mencetuskan pelbagai emosi yang berlainan termasuklah perasaan sedih dan ada juga yang memberi suntikan semangat serta meningkatkan adrenalin.

Berbeza dengan penyanyi yang telah berjaya memahat namanya dimata dunia, Yuna hari ini telah melancarkan sebuah video muzik yang memaparkan semangat perpaduan.

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It’s out! Shout out to @thefader for premiering Not The Love Of My Life music video. This is my first time directing my own music video- when I first listened to NTLOML, all I can envision was the beautiful and talented @harshiniii dancing to it.. I am such a fan🙏🏽 lol i get scared of her sometimes she is the REAL DEAL. It was a dream to work with her and a privilege to work with an all Malaysian crew for this. Not to mention all the wonderful local Malaysian Indian talents & businesses for sharing their gift, giving their consultation and ideas, I hope you guys will check out their services/products that will make me very happy🙏🏽 Thank you also to my husband for your support and sharing your knowledge with me❤️ Last but not least thank you to the fans for your lovely comments on Youtube, IG, FB.. thank you for letting me create. 🙏🏽 MV link is on bio❤️ #yunanottheloveofmylife

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Video muzik berkenaan bagaimanapun telah menarik perhatian netizen dengan ramai memuji penyanyi berbakat besar itu.

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With love.. From Brickfields & Klang Malaysia, to the world. Let me be the first to introduce these amazing human beings who I had the privilege working with on this next visual I directed, but only made possible with the consultation, support, and love from these wonderful Malaysian Indian talents and local businesses❤️ @harshiniii and Temple of Fine Arts Brickfields, Hemavathi Sivanesan, Narmatha Shanmugam, Aruna & Swathi Sivadas❤️ @hennacraze_by_nadinepaul ✍🏽⚡️📓 @alamkaara 💍 @leos.kl 👗 @unveil.atelier 👗 @sueandsudha 💄 @futurenights !!! 🤵🏻 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 and of course the magical team @norianathefacedesigner @thezulvanny @motionscientist @studioselepasribut @bananaleafo @yunaroomrecords & @adamyousofunny ❤️ #yunanottheloveofmylife #malaysia

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  • @heykessyl: You’re an example to many!!!
  • @avibhullar: the Malay-Indian culture in KL is such a beautiful blend, I absolutely can’t wait to be back later this year. Yuna, you’re music is such a game changer for Malay/Indian Americans – seeing you succeed is so so so inspiring.
  • @afqsyzni: I’ve honestly admired your pure dedication to craft your music. Its so seamless and full of inspiration. People may say your music’s mediocre but what pulls me in so much is your creativity in embodying art and crafting every simple aspect of your music. Your music has never left my playlist from day one. It’s helped me through tough times and inspired me on my greatest. Keep going Yuna. Keep doing you.

Tahniah Yuna! Semoga berjaya dan terus menjadi contoh yang baik buat orang lain!

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